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#332749 - When he did he had a boner and a smile.   I took out some electrical tape and taped it around the cotton going around my whole stomach three times then I cut it with the scissors on my desk satisfied I lay down on my bed before I could even close my eyes Alexis walked in naked she got ontop of me befor I could do anything. I kicked the man with the gash in the chest he flew back I turned and saw the man with the tattoo I kicked him behind the knee, his legs gave out and I sent two left jabs and a right hook to his face he droped and before I could turn the skinny man had a butterfly knife and was less that two yards away from me he strode forward trying to stab me with it, I stepped to my right as I grabbed his arm twisting it so the knife fell the man screamed as ligaments tore then I was tackled from the side; the man with the gash had me on the ground now his head still at my wast as I put him in a sleeper hold using all my stregth as he pulled on my arms uselessly as he passed

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