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#333419 - im sorry harvey i will pay the ticket harvey walked round to me hugged me said hey its okay babe dont stress a bystander walking past said foggorts i stopped hugging harvey walking up the man i said wanna say that to my fucking face harvey grabbed me and pulled me back to the car repeating easy leon calm down i got into the car looking at the man laughing harvey drove off and handed me a box it was my cigs i took the box and had a cig i said to harvey i love you i love you to babe. on the way to the mall i seen brit (britney) i asked harvey to slow down i asked her are you still coming tonight? sure am baby boycan you pick me up in a hour i will be ready sure we are off to the mall anyway. stop stressing and have some fun deep breath out i said yeah your right so anyway we picked up brit and she looked stunning in a black dress with a white bag and shoes to match when we got to my house brit started talking to the other guests i took the plates into the kitchen

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