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#209087 - His thick, white cream pumped out of his dick faster than I could take, dripped all over my lips and chin, I was looking him deep in the eyes with a very naughty smile, while I was using both of my hands as shuffles, shuffling the cock cream, which was seeping out and returning it into my mouth again, I started swallowing it slowly and passionately while looking him straight and deep in the eyes, the childish, naughty smile did not depart my face till I was done, and started sucking the lift overs from his dick, drying it out again. As soon as I realized that, I blushed all read, I was fully ashamed of myself, I glued my legs together, hiding my assets, but I will be honest, the looks on his face, his eyes following any move of my body and legs turned me on as of a sudden, believe it or not. We both realized it was almost time for his daughter to show up, we did not want her to find us in that situation, or suspect anything, I got up, got washed, dressed and kissed him on the lips

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