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#85899 - ” …Now, here she was, bent over a desk with her skirt up over her hips and her lace-covered ass in the air—exposed, in every sense of the word, to this complete stranger, who was spanking her. But since I founded the company no one seems to mind. She felt the fabric sliding over her buttocks and into the cleft between them; felt the cool air on the newly exposed skin, felt…Mmmmm… …His hand—warm, smooth…palm, fingers—Oooooo…caressing one cheek of her behind with sensual carelessness while with his free hand he was slowly, rhythmically tightening and releasing the elastic of her panties—which, she suspected, were becoming more than a little damp.

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Shuichi shindo
Edited the oussy shot lol
Kouta takeda
Homura akemi
She is teen i guess 15 to 17