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#240270 - Not taking her eyes off either Ryan or Harriett Vance, Cindy slowly sat down, and did as she was told. My, you have a lovely body, cooed Miss Vance, while her hands roamed all over the young girl's chest and crotch. Cindy, being a strawberry blonde, had a very light complexion, with a sparse growth of thin reddish hair covering her pussy that looked incredibly inviting to the old cunt!!! Harriett Vance quickly removed everything from the top of her desk and then helped a very nervous Cindy lay back with her legs spread wide apart while commenting, You have a very pretty vagina, Cindy, just look at Ryan's penis, he thinks your vagina is pretty too, don't you Ryan?!? Ryan just nodded, never taking his eyes off the puffy little vagina staring him in the face as MIss Vance wnt on, Cindy, dear, you are making Ryan and me very excited, so if you don't mind, I'm going to tongue your vagina with my mouth! Not waiting for an answer, Miss Vance placed her mout

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