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#201203 - As I looked across the room as the teacher introduced me (mispronouncing both first and last name) my eyes were immediately glued to him when I saw him, the most beautiful boy I had ever seen; he was slightly shorter than me but looked a lot fitter with an athlete’s build; he had smoothly flowing blonde hair that covered his right eye slightly and his eyes oh my god his eyes were amazing I couldn’t stop looking at them; the deepest blue eyes I had ever seen and the way he looked at me would have made me blush but being the shade of tan that I am no one notices. ” I looked at him, beginning to relax and went back to the task at hand or rather in my hand, I began to lick and suck the head if his massive rod, and slowly I began to engulf it with my mouth, I got about 7” deep and then started gagging. Now since it was a new school absolutely no one knew me and so no one knew that I was bi-sexual meaning I could get a little rest from the endless hatred I had received from my old school

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