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#8261 - Brooke just make swallowing noises and kept sucking until I didn’t have anything else to give and my dick started to get ultra-sensitive and it just felt like too much pleasure to bare I wanted her to stop and give me a break, but she just kept milking me like I was a cow or something. I just looked over at her with a little smile and said, “It’s a surprise. She must have got about a full seven inches down before I hit the back of her throat hearing a small gagging noise and she locked her lips around me and started to suck and pull her way back up in the most loving way as her hand followed behind her mouth.

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Stepdaughters are awesome
Shuuya kano
Gotta spit on his dick and stroke it faster even if you put ya mouth on it once make sure you leave alot of spit on it and when he cums thats when you stroke it harder and faster