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#73424 - my stomache was in knots we were both exhausted and so we decided that was enough for now but lateri asked him what was wrong and he replied you never went inside my ass so i asked him do you want me to? well yeah! can we do it now? no i said my dad will be home any minute so lets go to my brothers house he went to cancun for the week ok i said lets go so we went there and started to do pretty much the same thing but this time i was in his ass when the front door opened I thought your borther was gonna be gone all week! i said me too he said hey derek Hey! what are you doing here??? oh well mom locked the house and jared wanted to come over here said cody oh well i had to come back early said derek sherrie dumped me and i really need some sex but oh well im just gonna take a shower I was still in cody and so i pulled out and he let out a scream of extacy derek was 23. was gonna make me explode! we grabbed eachothers co

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