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#397882 - Hey! my mom steps in the tension Greet her nicely, She your new sister you know I flinch Hello my new sister, I'm sure i will like your STAY here (STAY, as in she not going to be here any longer) I will she says as she drops down on the couch Ohh I'm also taking your room WHAT!!! I Say Directed toward mom. Say Hello To Your New Step Sister i tried so hard not to say 'DA FUK' So i nicely looked at her and said Um why are you here Ive Been an only Child for my entire life, My mom and dad where trying for a girl But i guess it wasn't working to good. END OF PART 1 Please Rate positive and comment /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Read Cute Kanae-chan Smile! - Original Foot Job Kanae-chan Smile!

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