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#353493 - She looked at him breathing heavily in the afterglow as he slowly rose to unlock her cuffs and release her wrists, she wrapped her arms around him kissing his lips over and over he laid back and smiled. It seemed she had made a mess before he'd arrived, all the better for him. At this he smiled and undid the front clasp of the bra and moved it off of her beautiful round breasts popping up from being held in and as they bounced up he caught one nipple between his lips watching her once more for any sign of alertness as he slowly sucked and licked over her perky nub her soft moans and slight wiggle stopped his wet embrace of her tit until she had once more settled into slumber and he continued sucking up her gorgeous mound into his mouth wrapping a hand firmly around the other and squeezing it softly rubbing and pinching the hardened nipple, her moans rising once more as her legs shifted below him he caught the aroma once more and stronger this time and he knew he was doing his jo

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