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#399220 - She looks at me with a petrified look in her eyes, she said yes I did, but it shouldn’t have been you that I did it with, but you’re my son for heaven’s sake. I get up kissing her lips and as l left her lying there with a after fucking glow to her I went outside to where Nicole was and we sat there talking. She laid there smiling but with a bit of apprehensiveness in her gaze too, I held her close and not letting her leave me for a time I said look mom, if it’s any consolation I’m not ashamed of making love to you and as far as Nicole, well she’s been wanting me to do her for a long time and she got it this morning after you left, so, she’s ok with it too, you just need to talk to her about it and set some kind of guide lines for the new future ok? Mom looks at me saying but you’re my children, I shouldn’t be having sex with you, it’s all wrong.

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