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#16631 - No! she said, I shall not allow! and I grabbed her arm and pulled her across the bed, No! she squealed and I had my hand in the neck of her gown and with a satisfying tearing sound it began to part along a seam, wider and wider it split and wider still, No you shall not! she wailed and it split as far as a belt around her waist and there it remained until with a further tug it tore clear across the back and fell away entirely to fall around her as a skirt but not for long as I wrenched it down to the floor, No! she wailed. “Oh no, Clarissa craves your tongue Mr Rigsby,” I explained, “You have the rare talent of the cunningula as the Italians have it, for myself I find the whole thought distasteful but if Clarissa desires your tongue then we must oblige her. I heard the commotion and rushed to the window to see his shadowy figure on horseback rushing and clattering wildly over the cobbles as he shot away as if the very devil was behind him.

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