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#93763 - I was both shocked and proud at the same time to think that he was even thinking that he would allow me to see them again and eagerly went to work to make the time pass quickly. He sat me down and licked two of his fingers and opening my slit pushed them into me and it was his turn to look puzzled as I took them both and my tunnel easily stretched as he wriggled them inside me made me gasp and squirm as sticky liquid that I was making covered them and made my insides feel even nicer. He let out a long groan and flexed his knees so that he was level with my tits and I felt his meat throbbing and pulsing in my and then thick white semen exploded out of him and splashed over my naked flesh as he gasped with each spurt until his cock started to shrivel and told me how good it had felt.

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Ruined it with ahegao
Koyomi mizuhara
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