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#156065 - Chet took a deep breath and savored the aroma of fresh pussy in his nostrils causing them to flared involuntarily as the scent of her cunt filled the air. Together they got into a rhythm, his thrusts matched by her pushes as he drove his cock in and out of her!!! Chet momentarily thought how he and his wife never even approached the sexual highs he was experiencing with Veronica Hunt, but after tht one guilty moment, he came back to reality when his cock began to erupt violently into her love canal!!! Groaning loud and long, he screamed, Christ, I'm cumming in your cunt, all over your cunt!!! Merely hearing him caused her vagina to contract around the big pecker and start her own pulsating orgasm, and together they both blew their loads in a simultaneous explosion of cum and pussy juice!!! Chet rolled off Veronica, and looked over at the now spent woman, and said, Jesus, you are without a doubt the best I have ever had!!! She just smiled, and said, In a few minutes I will

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Yuuta hibiki
This was so hot you could try making him cum just by rubbing his cock
Yaiba byakuyaou
She might be a lilllllll crazy but thats fine