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#342296 - Soft cushion material under them both for comfortable seating and one each side of each chair were wide and thickly cushioned straps that were curled up and secured to each chairs both sides. And watched with absolute great anticipation as Snake Lady turned the syringe back to my wife's wildly shaking ass and body and then and there shoved it right into it my wife's head flung up and she was screaming out the needle was red hot burning her ass and then and there as Snake Lady ever so slowly forced the boiling liquid into her ass she really flailed her head about gripping at the sheet and mattress pulling them both up a room filling scream coming from her as the boiling hot liquid slowly vanished from the syringe into her ass. Adjusting the really soft animal hair sleeve about until her ankle front and sides were wrapped as well as making sure it was all around her thigh area real almost up to ass cheeks joining them and tightened it really down

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Oh god you actually look like my sister
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