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#268977 - OK then … good point Dean only lasted a very short time in bed so we got into a bit of a routine, He would cum quick then get up and have a smoke while I would play with myself to keep me ready and to excite him faster. Yeh something like that she laughed back Well don't let me stop you … I don't mind I laughed again. Then one night as usual I felt Dean get back between my legs and run his dick up and down my slit to get it slippery but he didn't put it straight back in like normal, I opened my eyes and saw that it was Ben rubbing his dick on me, he looked me in the eyes and slowly started to push inside me, I was a bit shocked and sort of froze so in a couple of strokes he was all the way inside me before it sunk in that his dick was actually in me.

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Toshiki kai
Thanks its my dream dick too
Kotoha tanaka
Que ganas de chupar una concha lpm