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#6762 - He glanced behind him to the empty door she had left through and, inevitably, ate the cupcake, knowing what was in it, the chocolate coating helped it go down easier. He was pressing it against her cock, trying to push it from his mouth, but it only served to pleasure her further, “Ah just like that, that's it, use your tongue…” He blushed crimson, squeezing his eyes shut as he stopped moving his tongue, she grinned, teasing, “Yeah give in to my cock, good boy…” He whined around her cock, no matter what he did he couldn’t win, her hands caressed his hair as she slid her cock deep into his mouth, the tip of her cock pressing against his throat as her balls pressed into his chin. Sophie, meanwhile, had excelled, top of every class she attended she had gone on to earn quite significant money at an early age, something that Ryan, initially, had been envious of, but, as time had gone by, had become reliant on.


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