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#65993 - We all tried our best, but Jim won, so she said ok, he's won already so which ever one of you three wins next gets to go into the bedroom, well it took three hands before Mark won, he stood up and grabbed Amanda's hand, almost pulling her down the hall to the bedroom, we played another hand, he came out quicker than the other two, but he too had the big grin on his face. Well this time, it all changed, she was either getting bored, or she really thought her team could win, any ways, the game was just about to start, I had two friends over, and they were enjoying the big screen TV and the brews, they brought the snacks, and what ever else they wanted to drink, which was nothing, so we set up the table, got the recliners, knowing already we would be in them to much, so I had regular straight chairs there too. That week I was so busy that I hadn't gotten with her until Thursday morning to tell her what I wanted for the game, she said no problem, she had it all under contr

Read Cartoon クッキンアイドルさっちゃん爆誕!? - Mahou sensei negima Bhabhi クッキンアイドルさっちゃん爆誕!?

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