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#406217 - oh yeah, oh fuck yeah Vince! she then lunged forward and put her tongue in my mouth as we began to make out very passionately wile we are fucking, she then rests her head on my left shoulder and wrapped her entire body around mine clinging to me like a languor monkey would clings to his mother's chest (my blood is now at a volcanic level), I then pick up Rebecca from that standing position bye the waist and threw my cousins curvy body over the sofa's arm rest as I began to fuck her pounding her very hot pussy, at that point I was like an animal thrusting and pounding my cousins pussy as hard as I could (Rebecca was screaming and I was moaning) at that moment me and my cousin Rebecca were engaging in full blown sexual intercourse so passionately, I then pull out of Rebecca and took about one step back just to take in the moment as I studied Rebecca's beautiful curvy body (Rebecca was so fucking BEAUTIFUL, the mere word doesn't do her justice, s

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