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#32714 - This was too much for tall guy and I felt him tense up as he was about to cum. I have never really been a swallow kind of girl, I normally spit it out but I had no choice with this guy as he still had hold of my head and I swallowed all of this complete strangers cum in front of his friend!As soon as he had finished he pulled his dick out of my mouth, I probably has 2 seconds to swallow what was left in my mouth and it was instantly replaced with tall guys thicker cock, I couldn t believe that I had just swallowed a load of cum from one cock and seconds later whilst I could still taste it I had another one on my mouth. I felt the bed sink under his weight as he climbed on and from behind he pushed my legs further apart, I was now so turned on that I was actually aching down there, like an intense itch that really needed scratching, I really, really needed fucking! I felt him rub his dick against my now dripping pussy, flicking against my clit and up and down my lips, I’m sure that he

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