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#151040 - As I stroked my cock, she told me how her night had gone, our friends know we swing, and are ok with her meeting guys at their place, she had contacted one of her regular fucks, and asked him to organise more cocks for her, but she also sent out a few sms to other guys she knows too. Big cock calmed a bit his cock still twitching inside my happy butt, then as he pulled away my ass was sucked out, I told big cock to bring his cock to my mouth for me to suck him dry, he did jerking as my lips worked his sensitive head, once soft I let it fall from my mouth, thanking him for a good fucking, he said any time, that was good, I told him I was staying until closing time, his face lit up. It was late when things slowed down a bit, than as once before the owner walked in to tell us he was closing soon, when he saw my ass dripping cum his shorts came down and he took to me again, pounding my ass for some 10 minutes before unloading his seed inside me, one more fuck and I got cleaned up.

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Kaguya luna
Lord he is perfect
Mill varna
I wish i could have seen your feet in those stockings
Asuka tanaka
Whos the girl
Shizuku sangou
Fucking amazing