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#374544 - and again came the brutal face fucking with her totally helpless to resist! Her nose was forced all the way up, and tightly against his kinky haired pubic bone! For Karen she thought her tortured burning lungs would collapse from lack of air, as she was roughly held firm and then pulled off giving her barely little relief! With her mouth held open another black cock was jacked off into her helpless mouth and the big cock head was then flicked out from in her mouth to the corner of her lips, spraying ejaculating cum all over her face and naked body! Then it was pushed into one side of her cheek bulging it out! Harsh unyielding hands were holding her head tight allowing her no way to move or alter her positing thus leaving her even more helpless than ever! These hands then descended to her throat trying along with the large cock in it to seal off her ability totally to breathe as her nose was again held tightly closed in some sort of sadistic breath play ? Her tear filled eyes were getti

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