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#342871 - “Robin?” She said, voice low and he looked up at her, having to tear his eyes away from the python he held in his hands, “Did I say stroke it?” “N-no…” he said softly looking down and taking in the detail of her length, thicker at the base and growing only slightly more slender the higher he looked, blossoming out suddenly into an especially thick tip, hooded by her foreskin, only a rosy patch of her tip visible, moist with a drop of something glistening. “You’re going to be a real good boy for Athena, aren’t you? Going to do everything I say?” She teased, using her name to continuely convey the position he was in, reaching a hand out for the beer, which he gave her, leaving him kneeling between her legs, his face close to her shaft, so close now that he could see each ridge and vein, a drop of pre wetting the skin that hooded her cherry tip. “Well? You going to suck my cock or what?” She said, her beautiful voice edged by playfulness and impatience.

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Ruka sarashina
So fuckin sexy
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I want to fuck you so hard baby mmm