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#116278 - Twice a week now, for the last three month’s, Uncle John has called round for a visit and when Lucy had turned in for the night she would hear her mother and uncle whispering as they made their way to her mothers bed, and then the groaning would start about five minutes later. She rubbed him for a few minutes and rubbed her pussy at the same time, she then straddled his hips, when he realised what she was doing he opened his eyes just as she was taking his length into her pussy, “Honey” “Shush daddy, slowly she started grinding her hips, and moving back and forth, “OH God this was so much better that she had imagined it would be, her daddy’s cock was about 7 inches but it still filled her pussy, she leaned down and kissed his full on the lips, “I love you daddy” “I love you too”. As she rocked back and forth he started pushing up into her, they were in perfect sync, she felt a tingling in her pussy and from the times she had fingered herself she knew she was near to coming, she

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