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Firsttime Yokubou Kaiki dai 102 shou Gilf

[Nightmare Express-悪夢の宅配便-] 欲望回帰 第102章 -放課後の悪夢⑦犠牲者スク水部活乙女編-


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#24295 - The mouse was screaming loud screeches of pain from its small mouth, Jon smiled and giggled to himself quietly, it was the middle of the night and Jon was far from the slytherin dormitories where he belonged at this time of night, but he had always regarded rules as guide lines, to be broken. jon stared up at her with a look sly smile and a half hearted yep ----- Your wand boy said the auror in the hall with an out stretched hand of course said jon with the same sly smile pulling his wand out of his robe and holding it out a few inches from the auror hand but as the auror reached out for it jon turned the wand at him and whispered avada kedavra, the auror fell on his back, his glazed over eyes stared without being able to see into Jons eyes, Jon gave small laugh under his breathe and looked down the dark corridor, wondering why they would leave a supposed dark and dangerous wizard to be handled by one auror, the thought insulted him but he had other things on hi

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