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#201565 - A couple weeks pass by and nothing really changed apart from the fact that i havent used the toilet once , usually i would take our dog to walk , he took care of his business in the park , i usually was done before we got there :) I hate to sound like an old guy with in those days . I just froze , everything from last night came back in a flash, that big round ass , the one being stuffed, it could be mine, no it SHOULD be mine! Started flipping the pages and as if i saw the mag the first time i started noticing different pictures : a young girls smiling and her mouth filled to the brim with yummie milk , yes yummie, i didnt know what it tasted like but the thought of being in her shoes brought up one word in my mind : yummie; next picture a girl (there were no gay mags ) sticking her tongue out and the tip of her tongue is sticky with cum and is connected to the cock and it stretching between them; next picture a pussy freshly fucked dripping with cum.

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