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#125061 - T company and travels a lot around Europe and a couple of times to the states, “oh right” I snapped “would have been nice to have been told, or even get to grab some clothes, and get a shower in,” I didn’t sound happy because I wasn’t, he had come back from a meeting in the states 5 months ago, and for a few weeks he was very stand offish and hardly come near me, sex stopped and then the bombshell, he said the meeting went on till 9 oclock that night and the clients 3 men all took him back to 1 of there houses, he told me that he was 33 and married and 2 young kids, his wife was petty, and he felt comfortable being at there house, he said they all sat there drinking and playing pool into the small hours, and the guys wife was very flirty with 1 of the other guys. The flowers were sitting on my lap and playing on my mind, had he been playing away again or was he going to leave me, things were going through my mind, I put the flowers on the back seat, and asked him whats going on, “r

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