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#344856 - And I now felt my little wife shudder all over as I was still eating that pussy like crazy. All we could hear was her gasped half hearted cry out of Ohhhh mmmyyy Godddd as she was staring at the huge ass pussy destroying man meat Louiepossesed! Snake Lady never batted one eye as to not carry right on and said; Yeah, your gonna get that little pussy of yours black bred! Those very words seemed to sink in like a torpedo hitting a battleship as her legs began to flail and her whole body trying now to somehowtry and remove itself from my eating that pussy and get herself together enough to get away from this situation!! But it couldn't happen the combination of the drinks, and other things Snake Lady had done had her captive to the bed; Yet she tried in vain to get her body to respond and get up but absolutely could not do so. His breathing heavier now with lust as now I saw his huge black cock begin to jerk and stir with desire

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I really need her name